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Subscribe for Advisors is The Best Tool for…

  • Attracting new clients and assets under management
  • Identifying equity compensation risk
  • Creating branded equity compensation analysis deliverables
  • Developing a framework for providing company stock and option guidance
  • Timing employee stock option exercise /sell decisions
  • Monitoring key decision criteria (e.g. Vesting, Expiration, Risk/Reward, Concentration)
  • Calculating concentration risk and leverage impact
  • Advising clients what they forfeit by leaving the company

Each year companies grant more than $110 billion of equity compensation (employee stock options, restricted shares/units & performance grants) to employees. These high net worth prospects are a huge opportunity for financial advisors to drive revenue by providing professional assistance. helps advisors get hired by executives with equity compensation by providing unique insights and a compliant approach for analyzing and tracking these holdings. This system is highly effective at attracting assets under management and new client referrals because it facilitates timely and profitable decisions using customizable reports, what-if dashboards and monitoring alerts.

Unlike most strategic financial planning tools that are complex to learn and slow at generating business, Advisors can produce a StockOpter analysis containing actionable recommendations in less than 10 minutes.

Prices and Terms Subject to Change with a 30 Day Notice

Standard Account Terms (Effective 4/1/18):

1 Year Participant Case: $77-$95 (based on prepaid volume)

  • 4 annual case tokens: $380 ($95/Each)
  • 10 annual case tokens: $920 ($92/Each)
  • 20 annual case tokens $1,800 ($90/Each)
  • 30 annual case tokens $2,610 ($87/Each)
  • 50 annual case tokens $4,250 ($85/Each)
  • 100 annual case tokens $8,200 ($82/Each)
  • 250 annual case tokens $20,000 ($80/Each)
  • 500 annual case tokens $38,500 ($77/Each)

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Feature/ Function:



Purpose/ Objective:

Provides a risk/reward framework for making timely & profitable equity compensation diversification decisions.

Compares the detailed cash flow & taxation results of different exercise & sell scenarios for tax efficient decisions.


Hosted Web Application: Using ASP.Net and SQL Database

Desktop Application: Excel Add-in requires MS Office 2010 or 2013 + Windows 7 or 8

Ease of Use:

Easy: Menu driven program

Moderate: User needs to be comfortable with Excel

Online Help/ Training:

Extensive: page help, input field info and concept & how-to videos

Extensive: includes topic information and row help

Type of Grants Supported:

All: NQs, ISOs, SARs, RSAs, RSU & Performance

All: NQs, ISOs, SARs, RSAs, RSU & Performance

Case Creation Effort Required:

Minimal: 10 to 20 minutes

More: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Data Entry:

Manual and Importing via Spreadsheet

Manual data entry & import

Valuation Methodologies:

Black Scholes & Intrinsic


Tax Engine:

No: Uses Estimated Tax Rate.

Yes: Updated Annually.

Tax Optimization:


Yes: ISO disqualifying disposition analysis & exercising ISOs to AMT limit.


Dashboards compares assumption changes: Price, Volatility, Tax Rate, etc.

Strategy Wizard: creates diversification scenarios by grant, inventory or goals.

Additional Calculations:

Leverage, VaR, Concentration% & Goal Attainment%.

Cash flow & diversification% over 15 year horizon.

Report Creation Function:

Creates Word documents using modifiable Word templates.

Excel output can be copied & pasted into separate documents.

Volume Report Creation:

Yes: For Employee Workshops


Data Archiving:

Automatic: Client Data, Reports & Alerts are Archived Indefinitely in Database.

Manual: Client Workbooks Must be Manually Archived.

User/ Client Monitoring Alerts:

Yes: Emails sent when vesting, expiration, stock price, Insight & VaR Ratios, Concentration% or Goal Attainment criteria are met.


Case Sharing with Other Users:

Yes: No Cost for Additional User ID's.

Limited: Users Need Separate Licenses.

Application Interfaces:

Can export client data in spreadsheet format to transfer to other accounts or for exporting to other applications including StockOpter Pro.

Can import data from and SO/Pro worksheets can be used to transfer data to other applications.

Client Interface:

Clients can be given access to Data Entry, Dashboards, Concept Videos, Reports and Alerts.

SO/Pro Excel workbooks can besent to clients but some functionality is deactivated.

User Function Control:

6 standard levels of functionality that can be assigned to users.

Full functionality is available to every licensed user.

Case Access Control:

By default users have access to only the cases they create but can be granted access to select or all cases in their account.

Cases are stored as Excel workbooks so access is controlled manually by licensed user.

Application Customization:

System designed to be easily modified by NWSI to accommodate user requirements or industry changes.

Excel workbooks can be customized by users to include additional calculations or output.

Pricing Model:

Fee per case deducted from account balance: $85 for an annual case, $55 for a 3 month case (expired cases are not monitored or accessible but can be reactivated) volume discounts based on prepaid amount.

Call 541-383-3899 for pricing information. for Advisors is a hosted web application, using ASP.Net and SQL Database. An internet connection is required. for Advisors comes with extensive product support. From page help, to input field info, to our support forum and concept & how-to- videos. Still need assistance? Contact our Support Team and we would be happy to help.

Support Hours:

Monday- Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PT)

"The ideal tool for advising corporate executives."